Rethinking the Invention of Urban Insurgency

Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 11:45
Salon 2, Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, VA
Panel: Cold War Urbanism: Social Science, Urban Development and the Superpowers


During the postwar ascendency of the United States as the dominant world power, US intellectuals made sense of socioeconomic shifts around the globe through the modernization paradigm. One key proxy measure of modernization was urbanization, and social scientists devised new methods to determine levels of urbanization, often with government funding. This presentation will bring into conversation foreign-relations history concerned with modernization and urban history concerned with the features of urbanization specific to the period of the Cold War. It will offer reflections on how transnational historical methods can better grasp the conjunction of Cold War social science and Cold War urbanism by looking at the concept of "urban insurgency."

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