Resisting Policing Today: Critical Perspectives on Militarization

Conversation with Micol Seigel, moderated by Patrick Deer

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 18:30
244 Greene Street (1st floor), New York, NY
NYU Cultures of War and the Postwar

How should we understand the violent policing of inner city communities of color or the borders and territories of the Global South, that groups like Black Lives Matter have protested and resisted? How have the transfers of military hardware and the further embrace of paramilitary tactics and high tech surveillance changed police forces worldwide? How has this changed transnational strategies of resistance and survival?  What are the connections between domestic police strategies and long and bloody histories of counter-insurgency, border policing and dirty wars since the Cold War or the so-called "Forever War" era? Is "militarization" sufficient to critically assess these histories, or should critics develop alternative concepts and frameworks to comprehend contemporary global security practices? This panel featuring leading scholars Micol Seigel and Stuart Schrader asks how activists, scholars and citizens have sought to critique and resist this logic.

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